Established 1999

ELE Professional English Center Just'n Center ul. Krawiecka 3/17 Wroclaw

ELE Business English Center

"Just'n Center"

ul. Krawiecka 3/17

50-148 Wroclaw


If you want to be able to express yourself, engage in small talk, present arguments on a number of topics, understand general meanings of texts, and talk with native speakers without stress, and if you want to do all this and much more effortlessly  then a general course is just right for you.


We offer courses of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish for foreigners.


General courses are for students who aspire to develop and improve their language abilities in the four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The course focuses on improving pronunciation, increasing vocabulary , building fluency and accuracy. This is accomplished  with an integrated skills and strategy-based curriculum.


After a placement  test students are placed in appropriate groups.

• Elementary

• Pre-Intermediate

• Intermediate

• Upper intermediate

• Advanced


The Common European Framework  is used to fully assess your skills, and to determine your language needs and expectations.


Please contact us directly to arrange a free assessment session of your language advancement, conduct by one of our experienced language trainers.