Language Training

Since 1999 we offer in-company language courses that include: English, Polish for expats, French, German and Spanish. We have a large network of language trainers in Wrocław and all over Poland (Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Poznan and other), who are all fully qualified (CELTA, TEFOL, MA in English Language Philology) and experienced in meeting the expectations of the most demanding corporate clients (PriceWaterhouseCoopers, AIB Bank, Santander, Kruk S.A.)


We not only closely cooperate with the human resources departments of each corporation or business owners, but also with each individuals who is to take part in the in–company training program. What this entails is a placement test (both written on-line test, and interview with one of our language trainers) to determine the exact level of the learner, followed by a comprehensive needs analysis to hone in on the goals, and expectations of the learner. Once the aims are clearly communicated and approved by all parties (the learner, the HR/owner of the business, and the language instructor) a tailor-made program is drawn up to meet the needs of small groups (up to 6 participants) and one-to-one learners.


Once the learning program is on its way, we closely monitor the attendance and progress of each individual and upon agreeing the most suitable form of reporting provide the company with adequate feedback (either monthly, quarterly, or once per semester).


During all stages of our cooperation we will ensure that the lessons will be conducted in a professional manner, that the course outline can be modified (at any given time with a minimum of 1 week notice), that the instructor can be changed if he/she doesn’t match the group or individuals dynamics, personality or learning preference.


In addition to all of the above, we try to go beyond the expectation of our clients, and offer assistance with providing professional expertise when it comes to:


  • Language assessment centers
  • Language audits
  • Preparation of language training budgets
  • Company presentations and promotional packages


We do hope that that our references will convince you to contact us to discuss your in-company language needs, and that we can develop a long lasting collaboration.