Business English

Business English or ESP (English for Specific Purposes) is the English that you need to conduct business in a professional manner. It provides you with skills to write emails, produce reports, make presentations, negotiate with clients, participate in meetings and conferences, write letters and deal with clients on the telephone and in a face-to-face situation.


On top of that it allows you to gain confidence and expertise when it comes to entertaining business guests, and engaging in small talk with expats.


Business English according to The Oxford Business English Dictionary includes the following areas: accounting, commerce, e-commerce, economics, finance, HR, insurance, IT, law, manufacturing, marketing, production, property, the stock exchange, (international) trade, and transport.


This said, a business English course with the help of a well constructed needs analysis will give you the tools to get ahead in business by focusing on different skills and areas of interest, while developing all four skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading).


Consequently, to make the most of your Business English course you need to have S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time specific) goals for the course (intensity, duration, what kind of tasks will need to be performed in a given time etc) as learning Business English is a ongoing process.


To get more information about our programs please arrange an appointment with one of your highly qualified language instructors for a free consultation, on how to optimize Business English learning at your place of work.